Saturday, January 29, 2011



My friends say I'm a fool to think,
 that your the for me,
i guess I'm just a sucker for love,
 cuz honestly  the truth is that,
u know I'm never leavin,
 cuz u're my angle sent from above,

baby u can do no wrong,
 my money is yours,
give your little more because i love ya ,i love ya
 with me girl is where you belong,
just stay right here,
 i promise my dear I'll put nothin above ya,above ya

love me, love me
 say that you love me,
fool me , fool me
 oh how u do me,

kiss me, kiss me
 say that u miss me,
tell me what i wanna hear,
 tell me you{love me}

people try to tell me,
 but i still refuse to listen,
cuz they dont get to spend time with you,
 a minute with you bworth more than,
a thousand days without your love, oh your love

chorus 2x

my heart is blind but i dont care,
 cuz when I'm with u everything has dissappeared,
and every time i hold u near,
 i never wanna let u go..

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